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Health - a human right

The Covid 19 pandemic poses new challenges for international cooperation. It reminds us that health is not a "sector" but a fundamental prerequisite for development. I offer you professional expertise in public health issues, especially in these topics:


  • Contain and mitigate the Covid-19 epidemic in projects and partnerships: Non-medical, local action is key to preventing and controlling the Covid-19 pandemic. Even if your partner organisations do not work in the healthcare sector, they can make a significant, complementary contribution to containing Covid-19 and relieving the burden on the healthcare system. Key interventions include promoting hygiene in public spaces, protecting high-risk groups, providing material and psychosocial support to vulnerable and isolated people, and campaigning against the spread of rumors and myths about the transmission and treatment of Covid-19.


  • Health promotion in local communities: In order to achieve the health goal of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development - set out in SDG 3 and its nine targets - primary health care as the last mile of the health care system must be strengthened. Non-medical interventions at the interface between local communities and the health system play a key role. Health promotion is a preventive approach that focuses on behavioral changes as well as the social and environmental determinants of health. This requires non-medical staff and civil society organizations who are committed to providing advice, education, support and advocacy for better health whilst not leaving disadvantaged people behind. This approach also includes gaining a deep understanding of the local incidence of infectious diseases such as HIV / AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis as well as of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and cancer.

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